Influences for Video Production

I’m really inspired by the work of Christopher Nolan, especially the way he runs themes throughout his films. For example for theme of memory and identity which can be found in his majority of films. Also I believe that he creates perfect story arcs, for example in the Dark Knight Trilogy there is the arc of Pain, Fear and Chaos. This is definitely something that I want to include in my work. The collaboration between Nolan and Wally Pfister is appeals to me too, with some of the best shots on film being in their creations coming from their unique pairing. The shots in Inception are particularly outstanding, really adding something extra to that piece of work.

Another inspiration for my work is that is Tom Welsh, also known by Get Deluxe. He shoots mainly with DSLR’s and produces content for well known bands including You Me At Six and Twin Atlantic. He is often a one man crew, producing, editing and filming all content. This root into the industry is also very appealing for me, interlining my interests in media production and live music. The majority of his work ends up on YouTube channel’s for the brand/band making it highly accessible.

Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad) is another creator of content that I really admire, his braveness to make a show where the lead character becomes the villain of the show is very admirable and something that is very rarely done. He also decided that to end the series at it’s peak which again is thing which is rarely done, choosing story over financial gain. The show also has some amazing time lapses, which also add the narrative which is very important.

Finally, Charlie Brooker is another person who’s work I really admire. He creates different content, for example his show Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, which gives a satire look on news events from that week but what I mainly admire him for is his creation of Black Mirror, a collection of individual episodes, each reflecting a flaw in modern society, whether it be politics of social media. The fact this was commissioned in the first place was surprising giving it’s challenging subject areas.

Influences for Journalism

For my journalism work on sites such as and The Angry Microwave,  my influences have come from a wide range of people from across different segments in the industry.

Greg Miller, one of the faces of IGN, is one of my main influences. His persona runs through all the channels of his work, whether it may be a written review on IGN, his videos on his own channel GameOverGreggy or hosting Up At Noon. Also Colin Moriarty from IGN, I really enjoyed reading his history of Naughty Dog (Developers of the Uncharted franchise and The Last Of Us) feature.

Radio 1’s Zane Lowe is the top of the his game for music journalism, always pioneering the latest artists coming on to the scene.  His passion for music is ridiculous and the way it transcends to his work is seamless, whether it be his week nights show on the radio or his live DJ sets.